world most popular languages

World’s Most Popular Languages

The market is huge for Ohura. Massive. 25-26% of the world’s adult population is non-literate. Consider Ohura serving 25% of the world’s top 5 most popular languages.

  • Chinese – 1.2 billion people
  • English – 1 billion people
  • Spanish – 437 million people
  • Hindi – 525 million people
  • Arabic – 420 million people
  • ______________
    25% of 3,582,000,000 people…

That’s 895,500,000 nonliterate people who need Ohura

(that’s a lot!)

Available on in English however if you would like to sponsor Ohura as a company or forward-thinking individual, send Ohura to developing countries in bulk. Our nonprofit (Knok Studio) is well-connected with vetted nonprofits, churches, and ministries–most of whom we have served in the trenches, from Cambodia to Sierra Leone. While not all nonprofits are honorable, we humble pride ourselves in being a Seattle-based nonprofit that authentically cares for people and impacts the globe on a massive scale. 

Right now the New Testament is loaded in English on Amazon, however any a specific language can be licensed and loaded. Simply reach out to us here: