The Story Behind the Ohura Mini Bible Player

The Design & History

The Ohura Mini Bible Player has a headphone built in, so there’s not need for external cables besides of course the USB charging cable (included).

Audio Bible PlayerOhura is specifically designed for the purpose of working in an environment where our brothers and sisters desire the Gospel.

Top 5 Ohura Facts

  • ✪ EASY TO USE: Simple navigation with no confusing, small screens or tangled headphones. Comes with simple instructions.
  • ✪ POWERFUL MINISTRY TOOL: Audio Bible listening for travelers, adults, children, backpackers, poor vision, or those who have difficulty reading. Refreshing meditation on the entire New Testament (27 books) PLUS 42 short Bible stories designed by Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ)
  • ✪ COMFORTABLE & SMALL: Easy to hide. The design looks like a common Bluetooth headset. It fits under a farmer’s hat, taxi cab beanie, soldier’s helmet, or Muslim female hijab, burqa, niqab, chador, or khimar
  • ✪ KID-PROOF DESIGN: Private listening with small built-in earbud allows listener to enjoy a distraction-free, personal learning experience free from tangled headphones
  • ✪ ENGAGING, CLEAR NARRATION FOR 3-4 HOURS: Long battery life (rechargeable) lasts the equivalent of listening to Matthew and Mark combined. Recharges in 1 hour (USB cable included)

The “ear hook” is clipped onto the player to prevent slipping when the listener is engaged in manual labor (e.g. rice farming).