What is the Ohura Mini Bible Player?

In the same way the printing press, radio, and film have spread the Gospel throughout the world, we are using modern technology to share the Greatest News ever using an incredibly portable audio Bible player. 

It comes preloaded with the New Testament  and immediately starts playing right when the user switches it on.

Can I get a specific language loaded?

If you are a ministry who is focused on a particular country (e.g. China) our ministry is usually able to secure licensing and pre-load the desired language of the New Testament. Simply reach out to us: Reachout@Knok.org

Where can I use Ohura?

Whether this person is a guard on post in a closed country, a tuk-tuk taxi driver who works 14 hours a day, or an isolated worker harvesting coffee beans. Anywhere.

How do I adjust the volume?

Simply hold down (LONG press) one of the top buttons. 

how to adjust volume on ohura mini bible player

How do I skip chapters?

Quickly click one of the top two buttons. 

how to change chapters on ohura mini bible player

How do I pause/play?

To begin playing, switch on the Ohura using the top sliding switch.
To pause (when switched on), click the Ohura logo. Click again to resume playing. 

Ohura picks up where it left off if you switch it off.

how to pause ohura mini bible player

How do I load different audio?

Note: Some models of the Ohura come with unlocked micro SD cards. Please check the product listing if the micro SD card is unlocked and able to be loaded with different MP3s.

If you have an unlocked card (most likely you do) plug the included Micro SD card into your computer. You might need an SD card adapter.  The computer (Mac or PC) will recognize the micro SD card as an external drive. You may then copy/paste MP3s or format (FAT32 recommended) the card.

How long does it take to charge?

In our tests, it ranged from 60-90 minutes to be fully charged.

Ohura does not “burn out” when left plugged in; you could theoretically keep it plugged in all night. 

How long does Ohura last?

We found Ohura lasts over 4 hours, but to be conservative we estimate 3 hours. This is Matthew and Mark played back-to-back.

If you can last this long in one sitting, more power to you. We can’t even do 2 hour movies.

Even after adjusting the volume, my volume is too low. Is this normal? 

No, the Ohura volume (when maxed out) should be quite loud. If you received 1% of our Ohura that plays at a lower-than-normal volume, reach out to us right here. We’ll send out a replacement faster than Amazon itself: Reachout@knok.org

Can I get bulk discounts? 

Absolutely. Pricing ranges whether you’re ordering 25, 100, 500, or even 5,000. Many ministries take buckets of Ohura on mission trips to give away. Let us know your wishes, and we’ll do our best to make them work. 

Why charge using a USB cable?
Why not a wall socket?

Ohura is used internationally.  Our nonprofit has found plugs (and voltage) that ranges all across the map–from Asia to Africa.

Thus we have avoided charging using a wall socket, which would limit the accessibility of Ohura. In our product R&D, we found virtually all countries and every household in the USA has a USB port (or a wall plug USB such as this on Amazon). 

Furthermore, Ohura can be used off-the-grid when paired with portable solar charger. This is exactly what one ministry did with the Maasai people in Kenya. They brought 100 Ohura with them and some solar chargers, similar to this on Amazon:

solar charging bible player

Can I skip to specific verses?

No, Ohura skips chapter to chapter. The design is very minimalist. If you would like to search for specific chapters, we recommend one of the more expensive (and larger) players on Amazon (example here).

Can I loop a verse or chapter?

As it’s shipped no; there is no ‘loop’ button. However theoretically you can loop a track: simply load the same Mp3 onto a micro SD card (e.g. copy/paste it over and over again).  It will then play that track over and over again.

We’ve also had people load podcasts and sermons. 

What’s the largest capacity micro SD card Ohura can handle?

Ohura on Amazon comes shipped with a 1GB micro SD card. While that seems like a small size, that’s the entire New Testament, narrated from Matthew to Revelation. 

We have successfully used and tested the following Micro SD card sizes: 

  • 1GB
  • 4GB
  • 8GB
  • 16GB
  • 32GB
  • 64GB

We have not tested 128GB or 256GB sizes because that would the equivalent of listening to 3 months straight or 6 months straight respectively… 24 hours a day. If you listen to that much of the Bible, we’re both impressed and slightly concerned.

How much of a price cut does Amazon take? Would it be better if I bought straight from your ministry?

Amazon does take quite a bit once you add up referral fees, monthly charges, and shipping, however we have found that Amazon is the most economical when distributing 1 or 2 Ohura Mini Bible Players.

If you wish to purchase more than 10, no only can we give you a discount, but more of your purchase will go towards our nonprofit ministry. 

I own a business. Can we sponsor say 100 of these players?

Absolutely. Your impact would be huge.

Our main nonprofit that spearheads this Ohura player is a ministry film studio (Knok.org) so we have the camera equipment to say “thank you” in a special way. Feel free to use it as marketing or excite your employees about the impact you’re making. Feel free to reach out to us, and let us know what you have in mind: Reachout@knok.org